The Key Story

How did four women get together? And how did they know they were going to be successful?

When you have people that are full of passion and grace who are real about what the struggles and stressors in all aspects of life are, especially Real Estate and family,then you can pretty much make anything happen.

These women are masters of prioritization, scheduling,goal setting,and task distribution.Together with their staff they work competitively while always maintaining the highest level of respect for each other creating a culture that truly allows ALL to flourish!

Six years ago, Carey Rose, a RE/MAX Realtor® with 14 years experience, discovered she was pregnant with her third child(rumour has it she got pregnant at a RE/MAX conference!) Carey, a high producer, was not a fan of the traditional team models. She knew that something needed to change, so she started looking outside the box for new ideas of how she could have freedom and flexibility to remain successful in Real Estate as well as with her family.

Carey devised a brilliant business plan: she would bring together a group of partners who shared her vision-so she formed the REPs Group,a hybrid team model like no other! Each partner is an individual realtor but simply shares their expertise as well as marketing operations, work loads, community involvement,and administrative team.

Realtors are typically on call 24/7 and balance of work to personal life can be hard to manage. The REPs always have somebody they can trust and rely on for things like unexpected sickness, kid’s events, holidays,and other business commitments.This design is HUGE for quality of life.

The first on board with this idea was Hayley Poirier, long time Realtor®ready to take her career to the next level with RE/MAX. Hayley brings tenacity, high level management skills, and passion for community involvement and lifelong learning to the team. She is dedicated to serving her community and does so as Chair of the Strathmore Chamber of Commerce and as along-time member of the Lions Club,as well as by teaching Junior Achievement in the schools over the past 17 years.

Next was Broker Michelle Eldjarnson, also a lifelong learner with a passion for community involvement, policies and procedures, and volunteering in many aspects of her life.She also has a wicked sense of humour.Michelle has been a past Chair of her school PAC,is a long-standing Executive member of the Chestermere Chamber of Commerce, is very involved with CREB committees and was recently honoured with the “Business Leader of the Year”award in Chestermere. Michelle is a masterful leader and a gifted teacher;she loves to mentor new Realtors®. Michelle is involved in her community and you will often see both her family and her famous dog Stewie at her side.

Christa Aleman was the final partner to round out the REPs group. She brings years of investment and business background, management,and coaching.Christa has a fierce passion for loving local and community involvement, and you will often find her volunteering-whether it’s for her kid’s busy sports schedules (including rodeo and hockey),for Junior Achievement, or with the Wheatland Economic Development Committee.

Together,all four partners bring different gifts, experience, and expertise to the management of RE/MAX Key while maintaining their commitment to lead by example and to always be approachable.

The REPs have achieved some of the highest accolades in real estate thanks to their constant willingness and desire to learn and grow. This is what has made the REPs Group a success and is exactly what will allow the group’s success to continue with the growth of RE/MAX Key.

Carey, Hayley, Michelle & Christa firmly believe a communicative culture and having systems and procedures in place with top-of-the-line technology and collaborative communication is the key to an agent’s success-to have answers to questions before they’re even asked. RE/MAX Key agents will have access to in-house and hands-on training systems where they can start here and grow here, giving them the gifts and tools they need to reach THEIR goals.

Agents that are a part of RE/MAX Key will be something different, they’ll be a part of their community, they will be a part of their families, they will be a part of constant learning and growth of new ideas.RE/MAX Key aims to give comfort to agents for the things that keep them up in the middle of the night, to be able to answer questions they don’t know where to find answers to so that they can approach one of the owners to find those answers in a communicative supportive way.

The partners love personality profiling and believe it’s been one of the keys to our success -this is something that we do with each other and our staff yearly. We believe it allows us to become not only masterful in understanding others but also in showing grace and giving us the tools we need when negotiating for our clients.

One of the things Key loves most about RE/MAX is the Children’s Miracle Network-every home that is bought or sold through our agents give back to the local hospital-how amazing is that?We all know of someone or have used the hospital ourselves,contributing to a cause close to home is how RE/MAX Key supports the community in which we live.

So back to the initial question…. How?

This is how:RE/MAX Key has a unique sense of CULTURE that is undeniably positioning their agents for success!